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for maya - ‘kissed them as a distraction while stealing their wallet au’

"You come here often?"

Nick glanced up from his Guinness, unable to stop himself from rolling his eyes at the cliched pickup line. After briefly glancing around, his eyes found the source of the cheesy come on. His eyes raked up and down the stranger and after a few moments of deliberation, Nick decided that any man that looked that damn good could use any line he wanted.

"Just on the nights I need to slow my brain down."

Nick heard the scraping of the bar stool next to him and turned slightly to get a better look at his guest for the evening. His eyes searched quickly, taking in the tanned, muscular build of the man and couldn’t help but briefly wonder if those limbs were as flexible as they looked.

The music in the almost empty bar changed from the slow twangs of Willie Nelson to something more uptempo. Nick noticed out of the corner of his eye that his suitor was smiling and standing, offering his hand out to Nick.

"You know a better way to slow your brain down?"

Nick scoffed at the hand extended towards him. “I don’t dance.”

He got lost for a moment in the stranger’s blue-gray eyes, his heart clenching for a moment as he saw a tiny bit of disappointment flicker through them. His resolve crumbled in an instant.

"I mean, I don’t dance with strangers. Do you even have a name?"

Mystery Man laughed and grabbed Nick by the hand, pulling him to an area in the corner of the bar where tables had been moved in favor of a make-shift dancefloor. He wrapped his arms around Nick’s waist, pulling him close as they began to sway to the beat of the music. Nick was trying to convince himself that it was the booze that was making his heart race.

Nick closed his eyes as he felt a pair of lips go to his ear and a pair of large, strong hands slide down his back til they reached his ass and gave it a firm squeeze. Nick bit back a moan as the other man’s voice rasped in his ear, “You can call me Kelly.”

Nick pulled back enough to look Kelly in the face and opened his lips to say something but never got the chance before Kelly’s lips were on his. It was sloppy and wet and by a long shot not the best kiss Nick had ever had, but when they parted, he was left breathing heavy and desperate for more.

Kelly bit his lip and ran his hands up across Nick’s back and around his ribs. “I’m going to run to the bathroom, don’t go anywhere.”

Nick simply nodded, unable to find the words at the moment. He watched Kelly saunter towards the back hall where the bathrooms were located and he went back to his beer.

He noticed the clock on the wall that told him it was close to midnight and his alarm was going to be screaming at him in six hours. He decided to call it a night, signaling the bartender for his check. As he reached in his back pocket for his wallet, he noticed it was flat. Panicked, he checked his other pocket that normally held his badge when he was off duty and his stomach twisted when he realized that both items were missing.

Nick glanced around noticing Kelly hadn’t come back fro the bathroom yet…the bathrooms that were located right across the back exit.


He ran out the back door into the alley even though he knew it was a dead end and Kelly (if that even was his name) was long gone. He ran his hand over his face, frustration making his blood boil. He grabbed his phone out of his pocket, quickly dialing Hagan’s number as he made his way back to the bar.

"Hey, it’s me…Listen, I got fucking pick pocketed at the bar. Guy took my wallet and my badge…. Fuck you, just get your ass down here and notify the PD of anyone that might be using my badge number."

Nick angrily punched the end button on the phone as he stalked back to the bar.  He flagged the bartender down again, quickly explaining what had happened. Of course the bartender had never seen the man before and didn’t happen to catch a name or anything that could help Nick.

Ten minutes later, Nick got an idea as Hagan walked through the door.

"Okay, O’Flaherty, what do you need me to do?"

Nick’s lips curved into a half smile as he grabbed a napkin, carefully picking up the glass that Kelly had been drinking out of.

"Make yourself useful and pay the good man, Hagan. I’ve got prints to go run."


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the abc’s of hawaii five-0



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Proof that Vickie and I turned a shirtless picture of renner into tynick feels

[7/22/14 1:22:30 PM] Vickie: 16cb487c4053e2e3f366009f0d/tumblr_n8smnbh6g41rylfcco2_500.jpg

[7/22/14 1:29:56 PM] Vickie: Now don’t think about it being Kelly. He finds the shirt in a box, it’s old and he hasn’t worn it in a while but puts it on. And nick is just “fuck.”  Whips out his phone and snaps a pic of Kelly in it. Then Kelly smirks at him and starts lifting the shirt up and over his head. Nick snaps this one

[7/22/14 1:37:40 PM] maya: Nick keeping the picture on his phone because it’s one of his favorites and one day Ty catches him looking at it and he totally doesn’t recognize that it is Kelly at first (because he doesn’t see his face, and in his defense the phone has a pretty small screen) and he is starts teasing him like “ooooh nicko, does doc know you’re looking at other hotties in your spare time.”

Nick just looks at him. “You fucking idiot, that is Kelly.” Ty instantly stops laughing and then Nick starts laughing instead. ”OH MY GOD YOU WERE TOTALLY JUST PERVING ON MY BOYFRIEND. I’m going to tell Zane on you.”  Ty looks at him all horrified and then suddenly Nick stops laughing. ”Seriously though, don’t perv on my boyfriend. Kelly’s mine.” And he shuts his phone off.

[7/22/14 1:38:47 PM] Vickie: And nick does tell Zane over dinner that night. And Zane’s all “oh, lemme see.”

Nick pulls up the picture and hands Zane the phone. 

Zane looks at the screen and his eyebrows shoot up and he lets out a low whistle. “Well damn.”

And nicks face erupts into a huge grin. “I know right?”

Zane hands nick the phone back. “I get it now.”

Nick nods and pockets the phone. Ty looks at them both. “Get what?” He asks. 

"What nick sees in Kelly. I mean, I know why in here and here," Zane points to his heart and head, "but didn’t see the attraction. Now I do. Kelly’s hot."

Zane sticks his fist out  and Nick bumps it. 

"Hey why does Zane get to perv on Kelly but I don’t?"

"I like him better than I like you," Nick tells him with a smirk. Ty’s face drops. "Too soon?" Nick asks.

[7/22/14 2:07:44 PM] maya: Ty shakes his head and tries to force a smile. “Nah, it’s alright. I can take a joke O, I probably deserve it.”

But Nick doesn’t miss the concerned way Zane watches Ty when he thinks he isn’t looking. 

When Ty gets up a little while later to clear the table Nick drops his voice to a whisper and tries to get Zane’s attention. “Garrett!” 

Zane turns to look at him and Nick half mouths-half whispers, “Is he okay?” 

Zane shrugs, contemplating his answer a moment. “I think he’s just afraid he’s going to fuck things up again. I know he tries not to show it but he took it really hard when you weren’t talking.” 

Nick winces and nods at Zane in understanding as Ty enters the room again. 

The rest of the night goes along normally and when they all part Nick pulls Ty aside for a moment. 

“Hey you know we’re okay now right? You don’t have to walk on eggshells around me brother.”

[7/22/14 5:01:05 PM] Vickie: Ty looks down at the ground and then back up at Nick and breathes a sigh of relief.  ”I know, Irish.”

Nick places his hand on Ty’s shoulder and squeezes.  ”I mean it, Six.  We’re good.”

Ty puts his hand on Nick’s bicep and nods.  ”I know.  I just…god, I missed you O.  I know I fucked up and I get why you were so angry.  I’ll hate myself for the rest of my life for making you feel that way.  I was so scared I’d lost you forever, and I guess I’m just terrified I’m going to fuck it up again.  And I can’t handle losing you again.”

Nick looks at him thoughtfully before pulling Ty into a hug.  ”You didn’t lose me, Ty.  I’m still here, right?  I’ll always be here.  You need me, you call, ok?  And don’t…don’t punish yourself anymore.  I think I punished you enough for the both of us.  Just promise me you’ll forgive yourself.  I’ve forgiven you, it’s time you forgave yourself.”

Ty’s breath catches and he hugs Nick tighter.  ”Ok.  Thank you.”

"I love you, brother."

"Love you too."

Zane stands in the doorway with a huge smile on his face.  He pulls out his phone and snaps a picture of the two of them embracing and sends it to Kelly with the message /Mission Accomplished/

[7/22/14 5:12:52 PM] maya: <3


[7/22/14 5:13:09 PM] maya: AND WE MADE IT EMOTIONAL TYNICK

[7/22/14 5:13:13 PM] Vickie: HAHAHAHAHAHA

[7/22/14 5:13:17 PM] maya: but i love it

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Hi I’m Sam Schooler and I like warm



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Men I find inexplicably sexy 9/20
Jeremy Renner


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2013 variety screening presents American Hustle 2013 pics…..


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